Red Carpet Film Premiere!!

On the red carpet i wore some converse shoes. the boots are my mom’s. The rest of my clothes are a tuxedo but i wore converse because they are beautiful. I got my photo taken on the red carpet and got interviewed and asked questions and that’s pretty much all i did on the red carpet.
Then i went into the theatre, got some popcorn, and then i went into the room where the movie happened. And i got a front row seat. And the night before that i’d been in the front row of an elvis costello concert so it was a good weekend. 

GRAHAM IS IN A MOVIE! He needs a real manager because I'm just Mom and don't know how to do a proper press release, etc. But he's got a speaking role in Dark Waters, which comes out on the coasts on November 22 and theatres across America by Dec 6. I think it comes to Europe in January. It's already blowing up the Oscar blogs, and I can't WAIT to see where this leads Graham. He's so happy and watched the film in its entirety, sitting their RIVETED. He plays the son of Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway. Not too shabby for a first credit :) 

He's begging to go on more auditions, so if you're a producer or advertising agent, or whatnot, please hire Graham before he has to join SAG and can't do local work anymore. 


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