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Red Carpet Film Premiere!!

On the red carpet i wore some converse shoes. the boots are my mom’s. The rest of my clothes are a tuxedo but i wore converse because they are beautiful. I got my photo taken on the red carpet and got interviewed and asked questions and that’s pretty much all i did on the red carpet. Then i went into the theatre, got some popcorn, and then i went into the room where the movie happened. And i got a front row seat. And the night before that i’d been in the front row of an elvis costello concert so it was a good weekend.   **** GRAHAM IS IN A MOVIE! He needs a real manager because I'm just Mom and don't know how to do a proper press release, etc. But he's got a speaking role in Dark Waters , which comes out on the coasts on November 22 and theatres across America by Dec 6. I think it comes to Europe in January. It's already blowing up the Oscar blogs, and I can't WAIT to see where this leads Graham. He's so happy and watched the film in its entir