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The Scottish Play!

I'm in a play! It is at Commonwealth Theatre, and the play is by Shakespeare. He was from England, and I am from Scotland. I'll give you a clue: it's called The Scottish Play. You can get tickets here . I am the youngest person in the play, but the second youngest is a really smart girl I have known for a long time. I love being in the play with her. Also, the man who plays the title role in The Scottish Play is also from Scotland!

Book review: Dear Boy

I love this book. I wasn’t feeling very well when I filmed this review because I had my tonsils out the week before, but I really wanted to review the book anyway even though my throat hurt when I talked sometimes. I loved this book called Dear Boy. It’s by Paris Rosenthal and jason Rosenthal and @hollyhatamillustration and it has good advice for being a boy and it’s about being kind and not being scared if you’re different. I think if says some really important things so i gave it one million gold stars. My mommy says this book comes out for sale this week to lots of people and I think a lot of people would like it even if they were not boys.